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Farewell my friend In-home pet euthanasia

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Should my children be present for my pet’s euthanasia?

Honesty is what kids deserve while discussing when to euthanase a family pet. When children know how and why their pet passed, it eliminates years of asking questions. Include your children in family discussions: focus on how lucky we are to be able to relieve our pet’s suffering through euthanasia. The entire family should be there, supporting the pet and each other. Most kids need and want to say goodbye but if they don’t want to be present for the actual euthanasia procedure then this decision should be respected. It can be very helpful in the grieving process for children (and adults) to witness just how peaceful and painless home euthanasia can be, but usually most parents make arrangements for very young children to be out of the house during the actual procedure. That said, even very young children can be present while their pet passes – the family can cry and grieve together and start the healing process. Trust yourself to know what to do with your kids – your instincts will usually be right. There are many good books available on pet loss specifically for children.