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Farewell my friend In-home pet euthanasia

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What happens afterward? What are my options regarding my pet’s remains after euthanasia?

After Dr Cameron has listened to your pet’s heart and confirmed their passing, you will be given an opportunity to be alone with your pet if you wish. If Dr Cameron will be transporting your pet for cremation he will help you gently wrap your pet and use a stretcher to help move your pet to his vehicle. Your pet will then be transported directly from your home to Lawnswood Pet Crematorium’s Perth Headquarters.

In some cases, owners may chose to make their own arrangements or to bury their pet on their own property (owners should check their local council regulations regarding this). If you feel that having your pet’s ashes returned to you (private cremation) would be comforting, Lawnswood can deliver them back to you in person or you can pick them up from their Perth office.

Wherever possible, a discussion regarding aftercare options will occur either when you make your appointment or before the euthanasia process begins unless you specify otherwise.