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Farewell my friend In-home pet euthanasia

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What options are there to memorialise my pet?

There are many ways in which you can memorialise your pet and celebrate his or her life. Regardless of whether you choose to have your pet’s cremated remains (ashes) returned to you or not, or if you’ve chosen to bury your pet, some of the options to consider include:

  • Writing a poem, story or thoughts memorialising your pet
  • Planting a tree or flowering shrub over the grave or buried ashes or just in a special area where your pet liked to lay
  • Donating to a favorite charity in your pet’s memory – perhaps an animal rescue group or a shelter
  • Creating a scrapbook, photo collage, video montage, or memorial table to celebrate their life and their place in your family and heart
  • Organising a trip to the beach or to your pet’s favorite hiking trail to honor their memory, or perhaps throwing a party or having a special meal in their honor
  • Commissioning a piece of art – either containing a small amount of the cremated remains, or not
  • Clipping a piece of their hair, making a paw print of ink or clay, taking a last photograph.
  • You may also place a written memorial with photographs on our Farewell My friend Facebook page.