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Farewell my friend In-home pet euthanasia

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What will happen during the in-home euthanasia procedure?

Dr Cameron will arrive at your home and will introduce himself to you, your family and your pet and will talk with you about the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Next, a calming sedative and pain relief injection is given carefully under the skin at the back of the neck with a tiny needle. This is often essential as it is very important for your pet not to be in any discomfort or feel any anxiety during the process. Peaceful relaxation and sometimes full unconsciousness generally occurs within 5-15 minutes. When you and your family are ready, a concentrated euthanasia solution is administered in a completely painless intravenous injection into a vein on the back leg allowing the family to be gathered near their pet’s head. The breath and heart rate gradually slow to a stop, usually within seconds and Dr Cameron will listen to your pet’s heart to let you know when he or she has passed. During the process you may notice shallow, faster breathing and usually the eyes will stay open. Your pet’s skin may twitch briefly and the diaphragm may spasm causing one to three sudden deep breaths. This is all normal but may not happen in every instance and is just the body’s way of shutting down.