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Farewell my friend In-home pet euthanasia

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Why choose an in-home euthanasia for your pet? Why is in-home euthanasia better?

More and more people are learning about the beautiful option of in-home euthanasia for their pets. No one ever says they want to spend their final moments in a hospital. The comfort of your own home is what it is all about. For your pet, few places feel as safe and comfortable as their home. Often, visits to a veterinary clinic are accompanied by stress and anxiety. Most people prefer that their pet’s last moments are as free from stress and anxiety as possible, and remaining in your family’s home during this difficult time allows for a peaceful, stress free passing for your pet.

For you as a person who likely also will be experiencing great stress, anxiety and pain, home is the safest and most comfortable place to be. Being able to grieve in the privacy of your own home is far preferable to waiting in a busy veterinary clinic.

Some people report that having the euthanasia performed in-home made such a difference that they didn’t have to try to forget their pet’s last day and that it made this most difficult decision and experience one that they can remember as a special moment and a good memory, rather than one that would diminish the memory of their family pet.

For many there is a special spot on the couch or a favorite corner that their pet is the most happy. If you have a cat or small dog, the procedure can often be done with your pet in your lap. Euthanasia can also take place outdoors in the yard or under a favorite tree – Dr Cameron has even performed euthanasia at a dog patient’s favorite beach. You are welcome to express your religious or spiritual beliefs freely and Farewell My Friend can accommodate almost any request.

The many benefits of in-home euthanasia include:

  • The presence of family and friends
  • Allowing your pet to rest at home / no upsetting car ride ( especially for cats)
  • Allows the presence of other pets
  • Grieving in private
  • The ability to set a calming atmosphere i.e. candles, music, pictures, flowers etc
  • Location selection is very personalized / inside or outside
  • Religious freedoms
  • Home burial convenience
  • Privacy afterwards, on your terms

In-home pet euthanasia opens up many wonderful possibilities for you, your family, and your beloved pet. Together you can decide when the time is right.