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Farewell my friend In-home pet euthanasia

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Dave, Cindy and Indigo

Dear Dr Cameron, 

On behalf of Vadar and my family, I want to thank you for your professionalism and care shown to us on the day we lost our four-legged friend.

While the decision wasn’t an easy one to make to end his life and the inevitable loss we would suffer, it was made easier knowing that we would be ending his pain. 

You attended our home on a Sunday afternoon, which gave us the ability to give our toddler the opportunity to say ‘goodbye’ before her nap, in our own home without the added stress to her or Vadar with a trip to a veterinary practice; and gave as much time as required to my fiancée and myself with Vadar after he had passed, prior to personally taking him Lawnswood for a seamless service.

Realising you generally see the much loved parts of everyone’s family at the end of their life where they may be in pain, or unable to move around a lot – please find the included images of Vadar during much happier days, he did have a great life and we have lots of photos and videos to help remember him.

 We also appreciated the comforting card in the mail in the following days after the loss of Vadar. It’s been tough to get used to a quiet house, and it’s the daily things you miss the most – taking out to toilet, feeding, walking past a room and hearing his panting after a play or getting a glimpse of lying him on his bed; general rubs and hugs and of course being followed like a shadow around the house! (3 weeks on, we have a pillow that he used to sleep on which still smells like him that we give the occasional hug – definitely made it easier in the first few days).

If anyone we know is in the unfortunate circumstance as we were, we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending your service.

Best Regards,