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Farewell my friend In-home pet euthanasia

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Jutin and Kaylea

Dear Cameron

Thank you so much for coming around to look after our Borris last Saturday.

We really appreciated your compassion and professionalism in both a very stressful time for us and poor Borris.

As soon as you saw Borris in visible distress with his medical issues you acted calmly by administering the sedative which we are sure prevented him from getting too overwhelmed and having another violent seizure.

He settled very quickly in his mum’s arms and when the time came it was a dignified and comforting departure for Mr B from the confines of his failing body.

We cannot thank you enough for the experience that we were able to have in the comfort and privacy of our own home with Borris and his little brother Jenson.

Words really cannot express how thankful we are to you.