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Shayla and Marion

Hi Cameron, I would like to take the time to thank-you for giving peace to my beautiful Shayla by coming out on the same day that I had called you. We buried her early this morning under the shade of a most lovely tree on the property.  

I regrettably wish that I could have made that very needed call so much sooner than I did. But my sensibility on this in those final days seemed to be pure selfish because I didn’t want to have to be letting her go.  However enough was enough and I knew I had to bring her peace as only a miracle was for ever going to make her feel whole again.

 We were able to spend the whole day on Sunday saying goodbye to her from the time I called you till the time you were able to come out. Life will never be the same without her but I am grateful that I at least have a beautiful spot to go sit and remember her endless love and loyalty that she never once stopped showing to me from the first moment we had met at the rescue home 14 years ago.  Our four legged friends learn to trust again filling our hearts with warmth.  

Thank you.